Manifest Those Coins™


If you are new here. I want to say HELLO, and #SmileForMe. I'm Cinquanta Cox-Smith and I love all things Print On Demand. If I can create and then have someone else print, fulfill, ship and handle customer service. I'm all for it. 

You've previously purchased a course, a freebie, or had a maybe a consultation call with me. I want to offer you something today for FREE.

First I want to tell you about my Money Meditation that I recently released called Manifest Those Coins™.

It's a 7 minute money meditation to help you Manifest Money Daily.

You can watch the Video Here :

You can listen to the audio here:

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So now that's out of the way I want to open up my inbox to you. If you could ASK me ONE question, and get a response what would it be?

Remember don' t be greedy. I have about 500 other friends who will be sliding in my inbox too. I want to give back to you all during a time that maybe frustrating. 

Just allow me some grace to get a respond back to you. I'm over here using my gifts and sewing over a 100 mask as well. 

I hope the Meditation can help you to BE STILL, and Meditate. It has brought me so much joy and new opportunities and just a few short days. 

Remember my inbox is open to you to respond to this email with ONE question. 

I hope you have a great day!

Until Next Time!

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